what is website security? Explained

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What is website security

Website security is the measures taken to secure a website from threats such as cyber attacks. In a sense, website security is an ongoing process and an essential part of managing a website. Without website security, a website is vulnerable to exploits.

Why Website Security is important

Website security is important because nobody wants to have a hacked website. Having a secure website is as important to someone’s online presence as having a website domain. If a website is hacked and blacklisted for example, it loses up to 98% of its traffic. Not having a secure website can be very bad… Exploits can cost website owners thousands of dollars if not more. Website owners are responsible for the website and all of its information it holds, including its users/clients. For example, client data breach can result in lawsuits, heavy fines, and a ruined reputation.

How to Secure a website

Securing a website can be a complicated process for many website owners, which is why we offer our very own website security & monitoring services. If you insist on managing the security of your website on your own, there are plenty of security options available. If you are using WordPress, We highly recommend using wordfence Security plugin

Website Security Services We Offer


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