Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Buy A Website?

We made buying custom made websites easy! Simply select the plan you are interested in, and checkout. After we receive the payment, we will update your order status and will contact you requesting more info on how you would like your website to look, function, etc.

How Long Will It Take Until My Website Is Done?

All websites we make are 100% custom and unique. Meaning that instead of giving our clients the same design and layout, we make our clients website from scratch. We typically will begin a clients website within 2 days after we receive the payment and will usually have the website finished within 3-5 days. We ask to please allow up to 7 days (From payment date) for your website to be completed.

Will My Website Be Fast?

Yes, absolutely. We use our own Hosting Service for all of our website & ecommerce development plans. We include hosting in these plans so that your website will preform as it should.

How Much Does The Included Hosting Service Cost for My Website?

For Starter ecommerce and Website Development Plans we charge a monthly fee of $30. For Professional ecommerce and Website Development Plans we charge a monthly fee of $35. Our Hosting service is included in our development plans so that your website can remain fast & reliable!

Are There Any Extra Fees When Purchasing a Website?

When you purchase a starter or professional website/ecommerce development plan, you will only be charged the price of the website (One time fee) & the hosting service fee (monthly). The hosting service fee for starter plans is $30 per month and for professional it is $35 per month)

How Do Refunds Work?

We do NOT allow refunds for Hosting service fees, Website Management charges, and Websites we begin working on. We only will issue refunds if you wish to receive a refund before we begin working on your website/order.


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